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Whatever Happened To The Light?

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

The light was there first and then came the darkness. We have lost our way and wander in darkness. Unless we seek out the light we will be lost. But where do we go to find the light and how can it be restored so we can all walk in the light continuously and habitually?

The first step is to realize that we ourselves are not the light. That is not to say that we cannot have light within us or that we do not have any good in us at all. But our natural propensity is not to seek out the light but rather we love the darkness more than the light. You see light exposes darkness and we all have some dark secrets and behavior that we would rather not have exposed.

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

When we are committed to bring the light to those in darkness, we will face adversity. I was raised in a very strict and conservative environment. There is nothing wrong with that and I am not ashamed of it. But my mistake in that early stage of life was to think that those in darkness were somehow not as good as me… and I definitely gave off that vibe. This was very unhelpful in my relationships and alienated me from those who needed what I had access to. So the second step is to realize that we are just mirrors who can reflect the light but in substance we are no better than those in darkness. We are all really the same. If we do not grasp this immediately, we are destined to lose contact with those we seek to serve. Someone has said it best when he said, ”We are just beggars seeking to show other beggars where we have found bread.”

The light can be found only on a spiritual plane. It is not the way of the world and the world generally does not operate according to the light. Again, we see many good things in the world and they are useful to us, but we should not be deceived into thinking that the world is friendly to the light. Its systems are dramatically opposed to the light and they will undermine our journey to the light if we do not stay vigilant.

Let’s take the notion of love as an example. I love my wife and she is precious to me. But that does not mean I always act in love toward her in every situation. In fact, most times I act in my own self-interest and not hers. I don’t mean to behave in this way nor is it my design, but I naturally slip into this pattern if I am not constantly vigilant.

The third step is to realize that our combined light shines brighter than we can ever shine alone. By that I mean that we should associate with others who have the same values, encourage one another and hold one another accountable to operate in a certain way. Community is essential to light-bearers. We cannot fight this battle on our own and if we try to do so, we will fail. Seek out those who walk in the light.

Be a mirror reflecting The Light to those in darkness

Be a mirror reflecting The Light to those in darkness

Lastly we have an obligation to take the light to those in darkness. Most people who walk habitually in the darkness do not consciously understand their plight and will not naturally seek out the light on their own. I have been fortunate to have a series of very committed and wise friends in my life that brought the light to me. At times it was painful when they revealed my darkness to me. They had to be persistent and patient with me and teach me how to be a light-bearer over many years. I can easily slip off the path if I do not stay alert and practice habits that will keep me in the light. The light of others exposed my darkness …many times without them saying a word. The comparison of my behavior to theirs was often enough to help me see my error. Will you join me in seeking to be a light in a dark world?

   “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”        ~ Carl Jung


Growing up near Detroit, I was a paperboy for The Detroit News.  Their ad asked, “What in the World’s going on?” …and answered, “If you read the News you know!”  That may have been true back then, but is it true now?

 I remember the advent of 24 hour news on CNN and sitting in Ted Turner’s boardroom at CNN HQ in Atlanta.  CNN was my only link to ‘civilization’ when we lived in Moscow because the KGB signal was so strong that we got free cable the entire time we lived there and it was in English! (Their headquarters was just around the corner)

Today as I listened to the news, I reflected on what makes the news and what they think their audience wants to hear.  Are they really giving us the news?  Do we really know what in the world is going on?  I wonder …

It’s tragic that many souls were lost on flight 370 from someplace in Asia but I wonder how many times we need to hear about the endless search for the plane’s wreckage. Yes, Al Qaeda had a secret meeting somewhere and the US Intelligence Services seemed to have missed a good opportunity to nab those bad guys. The Democrats are trying to change the subject away from Obama Care to women’s rights… the Tea Party is just a bunch of crazies… Russia is invading Ukraine… some nut job killed several people in Kansas City… It’s the anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon… Isis is gaining ground … and on and on …

But is this really the important stuff they should be talking about?  I sincerely doubt it.  We are so lazy, so flooded with dribble that I don’t think any of us really know what in the world’s going on.  Really going on…

The news we need to know is what will affect us most, not just what is interesting but useless information.  The news should be something we didn’t already know but is important to know.

Useful information is information that changes our life or informs us on how to get more out of life.  Useful information is information we can use – that’s why it is called ‘useful.’  Entertainment is something else again.  And I am afraid most of what we get is just to entertain us.  So I propose we change it from the “News” to the “Entertainment.”

By the way, the Gospel means “Good News.” Jesus came, suffered, died, rose again and is coming back!.  The Good News is that we can now live because He took our sins upon Himself and died in our place.  But we need to place our confidence in Him for that transaction to be true for us personally.  That’s what Easter is about and that’s news worth knowing!

“But God shows his love for us, because while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8