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Thanksgiving is a very special time for me.  I remember days gone by when our entire family would come together and celebrate one another and the life God had given us.  So many of those beloved family members are now in eternity.  I miss them terribly and long to be reunited in the presence of God someday.


I have been blessed that almost without exception, they all knew the Lord and served him faithfully. I know I will see them again not too long from now.  But many families do not have that assurance of heaven for all their members.  I am very sad about that and it motivates me to share Christ at every opportunity with those I encounter in the course of everyday living.


I am also thankful for the material blessings I enjoy.  I recently paused to take an inventory of all my blessings.  The country I live in, the relative wealth we enjoy, safety, plenty, comfort … and the list goes on and on.


I have seen a lot of folks who don’t acknowledge that these gifts come from God.  And I must wonder when I hear them express their gratitude at this time of year; Who are you thankful to for these blessings?  In fact, the very word “blessing” implies that these gifts come from God.  But sadly, God is left out of the picture entirely.  What an irony!  Thankful to whom?  And blessed by whom?  That part of the formula is blank.  Does anyone else see the ridiculous nature of being thankful to no one or blessed by no one?  I just don’t get it!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” ~ James 1:17

This Thanksgiving, count your blessings, acknowledge that they come from God and praise His name for His goodness to you.  That is the only approach that makes any sense.

I Remember

Christmas holds some of my greatest memories.  I remember everyone getting together for the holidays and having a ball with the entire family at my Grandparent’s home and Aunt Ginny’s farm.  I remember falling asleep in the car and having my Dad carry me to my bed.  I remember all those who have passed away and who I look forward to seeing again. I remember the cold weather in Michigan, snow, sledding, deer hunting, turkey dinners, favorite recipes and a lot of love.  I really don’t remember the hard times or any pain.  I guess I have a lot for which to be thankful… and I am.

What I really want to remember is that this is the day we celebrate the greatest miracle of human history.  I know some people think it’s just a nice story or a myth, but I believe in the real incarnation of the Creator into human form; the manger, the shepherds, the angels and the birth of the Savior of mankind. Yep, I believe it all and have built my life on the veracity of this story and God’s claim on my life.

I have a friend, who says he used to believe all this but now doesn’t.  He is sick of people like me who are so locked in to worrying about what “God says” in the Bible and how we want everyone else to live. Well, I think what he is really sick of is being reminded of what God wants from him. I remember what God says about his love for us.  But for my dear friend, it is just too “Fantastical.” I wish he would remember when he believed.

At Christmas, I remember my childhood and how simple life was then.  I remember my country and how great it was to be an American.  I remember my friends, my school days and my church.  I remember it all.  I remember what God has done for me and I am grateful.  Thank you, dear Lord.  I remember you!