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Message of Leadership

The Message of Leadership

Billy Graham & ME

Billy Graham & ME

Dan has published and/or contributed many articles on leadership training, organizing, promotion, negotiations, public speaking, mobilizing volunteers, team-building, fundraising, writing, board leadership, and motivation. One of his most fulfilling projects recently was contributing to Billy Graham & Me in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Series.

His seminars and training workshops are full of creative solutions that turn complex challenges into opportunities for positive change. Audiences enjoy his friendly presentation and find themselves better equipped and motivated by his practical ideas and examples from everyday life.

This leaflet will give you insight into the 2 most important questions any leader must ask…

Dan wrote The Message of Leadership as a daily inspirational handbook for leaders of all kinds. It contains 31 daily readings on different topics inspired by the 31 chapters of the ancient book of Proverbs which was written by the second wisest man who ever lived.

His goal was to combine these proverbs with pithy personal insights and stories that will make leaders think about the way they exert their gift of leadership on those around them. It is suitable as a gift for those graduating from school, leaders in government, teachers, business associates, moms or anyone who leads others or aspires to do so. He originally intended it as a special way to say thank you to those who give of themselves for the benefit of others.

Not only will you get inspirational thoughts, but you will also receive the entire book of Proverbs as translated by Eugene Peterson in “The Message.” The volume comes either in the regular

paperback edition or a Special First Edition cover which Dan will gladly autograph to you upon request. This book is available through Amazon for the paperback edition and directly from Daniel Southern for $25 post paid for the Special First Edition cover. Just send your check and request to us at:

Special First Edition Autographed by author Daniel Southern

Special First Edition

The Message of Leadership
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Dan is also available for a reasonable fee as a speaker on this and other important topics and can provide both print and/or digital copies of his writings for your ministry or personal use.
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