Mentoring and Coaching

A core value of the Daniel Southern Leadership Group (DSLG) is to be of service to the Christian community.

Our goals are driven by the realization that our Christian leaders are the very fabric on which our nation and freedom was built. More than any other time in history, we face losing this heritage, as the influences of this world seek to destroy the gospel and the principles that have guided America to greatness. Our time may be short, and there are many who are lost and desperately need the good news of Jesus Christ. Every resource must be employed to recover and extend the influence of churches and Christian business people into communities all over the country.

Whether you are the pastor of a church, or the CEO of a small business, there are a myriad of problems that must be dealt with, and so often we find ourselves struggling to find solutions to these challenges with little or no qualified help and no time to find it. There are personal conflicts that we can share with no one, there are problems that threaten our organizations that we simply don’t know how to prevent, or deal with. There are companies that offer consulting service, and though these consultants can affect profound change and provide answers to the problems we face; there are two main inhibiting factors with traditional consulting programs: (1) they are expensive and require investment of time and money that are beyond the budgetary capability of most churches and small business. (2) They are not necessarily there when you need them. These consulting firms generally have an extensive list of “clients” that demand their time. So often they are not available at times with our needs are most pressing. (3) They may not have personal experience in the things that are of concern to you. The role of a pastor is especially challenging, as you deal with all the personalities and concerns of the members of your congregation. The problems can be as varied as the personalities of every member of your church.

In our quest to serve, the DSLG has designed the most unique way of providing quality coaching and mentoring, available today. The program is called “The Sheppard’s Staff” and is aimed at being a real tool in the hands of the pastoral staff. This is the most exciting part of our work. We have been able to meet the needs of every pastor and small business owner by developing an impressive list of professionals in your specific field of work to provide you with coaching and mentoring that would be unaffordable in any other circumstance.

We also provide services that give you resources for developing your sermons, developing business plans that truly work to promote growth, whether church growth, or expanding your business. It provides data bases that cannot be found on the internet, or any other media. It gives you access to people just like you, who have dealt with, or facing the same problems you face. The best part is that it’s there when you need it. All you have to do is go to our “private internet site” log in with you access code and all these resources are available ….. and you can remain anonymous as you get help.

We have enlisted an amazing cadre of pastors and business people who are there to help. You can share your problems with business people and pastors that have coped with the very problems that face you and are there to share their insights.
We have incorporated many other tools from be able to publish white papers and books, to getting ideas and developing presentations that will captivate your members. The list of “tools” goes on and on. In fact, it is the most creative coaching and mentoring program available today. And anyone can afford this ingenious resource.

Mentoring Services offered:
• Energy audits and energy saving technologies that can cost you nothing to
• Financial Planning with experts that can make a difference.
• Loan and Financial reduction that make use of cutting edge concepts for your financial health
• Personal mentoring on a traditional basis.
• Youth outreach ministries that have proven to create church growth and have a positive Christian impact on communities.
• Access to professionals in a wide variety of fields, as speakers, or mentors they can make a profound difference.
• Reduction of cost related to insurance, and improvement of coverage.
• Pension programs that are strategically planned to be affordable and use ingenious ways of planning for you future.
• Access to data bases that enhance every aspect of your business.
• A network of pastors and professionals that can help you on day-to-day issues and can be of
profound help in those times when only an experience professional will do.
• Access to church and business growth training and techniques that are proven to be effective.
• Access to help whenever you need it, no matter what the issue, you have a “go to” resource that cares about you and your problems.
• The ability to remain anonymous at times when the issues you wish to discuss need to be kept private.
• Access to publishing your ideas, and literary works that need to be seen by the public.
• Discuss ideas, ask question, share experiences, and seek insight on a private blog spot available only to you and other members.
• Have a “say so” in the benefits offered by our “Sheppard’s Staff” organization…. As a member this is your organization and will be growing as you input your ideas and shape it to meet your needs.

Daniel Southern