Leadership Motivation

The Daniel Southern Leadership Group offers hands-on consulting, coaching and training for any-sized domestic or international organization. Our services are customized to offer the right fit for your needs by providing objective high-level qualifications, organizational assessment and cost savings vital for your enterprise’s longevity and success. We can include exclusive one-on-one or group learning opportunities designed to facilitate teamwork and bring a fresh and relevant perspective to inspire, motivate, equip and create a lasting impact for your business.

We offer half-day, full-day, 3-day, weekly (or longer) consulting, training and coaching sessions. Special discounts are available for contracting more than one DSLG team member. Our fees include all travel and expenses required for each team member to come to your location. You will also receive special DSLG product discounts. Power Packages that create a more personal executive-level experience are also available.

All Daniel Southern Leadership Group speakers are available for keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, conferences and events. Our most popular areas of expertise include leadership development; message and event marketing strategies; technology; advertising; finance and business management; film, media and television arts and sports entertainment. We welcome the opportunity to address every audience with a fresh perspective on leadership-based principles that will inspire, motivate, challenge and bring tangible results in everyday business and your personal life.

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