In addition to Daniel Southern being an author himself, he is co-founder of a digital publishing house called Royal Scribe Media and also represents select authors to traditional publishing houses as a Literary Agent.  If you are willing to work hard to bring about your dream and feel you are a good match with our purposes and values, please contact us to learn how we might partner with you to secure a traditional publishing contract.

Current Authors under contract (in alphabetical order):

braudrick-headshot-3-1Wayne Braudrick

Wayne Braudrick is the Co-founding and Senior Pastor of Frisco Bible Church near Dallas Texas. In 2005, he earned his Ph.D. Prof. through Middlesex University, London. Previously, he had attended Dallas Theological Seminary (M.A.B.S.) and Baylor University. Dr. Braudrick has received recognitions and honors from Chester Cathedral Scholar (2004), Metropolitan Directory of Achievement (2003), Choctaw Nation Scholar (2003-2005), National Who’s Who Registry (2001), Honors Graduate, Dallas Theological Seminary (1994), Outstanding Young Men of America (1987 and 1992), Outstanding Teacher, Trinity Christian Academy (1989), National Merit Scholar (1981-1985).

Wayne has published several books and continues to write, teach and lecture on subjects that are relevant to our culture.  He has been married to Janna since 1987 and has three beautiful adult children; plays racquetball weekly with a group of accountability partners;  is a voracious reader and  goes fly fishing as often possible.


Charlie May

Charlie is from Covington GA and now lives in the North Georgia Mountains near the little town of Ellijay. He has two children:   Jeff and Mandy and 2 grandsons named Karson and Sawyer.

Charlie loves writing songs and singing.  As a songwriter since 1993, Charlie travels around the country plying his trade and has been truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful friends.

His latest interest is writing children’s books. Charlie does not write just any kind of book.  He hopes his books will impact today’s young people in a very positive way.  To accomplish this lofty objective, Charlie writes books that will allow children’s to both learn and have fun while doing so.

It has always been his heart’s desire to leave this world better than he found it and Charlie thinks helping our children is a good place to start.   He often says how much he loves working with kids.  “There is just something about their honesty.”


Michael Quagliano

I’ve written all my life.  At the age of twelve, I sold a poem to a local paper and became hooked.  In my early twenties, I worked for a record company as a songwriter and record producer. I sold a few tunes in my time, and did fairly well. Twenty years later, my song-writing skills were still there, but out of date. So I returned to my first love  – writing poetry and fiction.

I wrote my first novel and tried to sell it but there were no takers. A publisher gave me a bit of advice. He told me to give up on the idea of writing a novel for a while and concentrate on selling short stories to magazines, to get my name out there.  I did this with some success.

Over the years, I’ve been published in dozens of publications around the world and either won, placed or showed in many literary contests.

Finally, I decided it was time to put out a few novels as eBooks only. Sadly, they only made a ripple. Then, two years ago, I put out a book that took off. On the strength of that success, I put out two more in the same genre; and they are doing very well.  They’re not best sellers yet; but I have given my notice at my job and plan to stay home and write for a living. I have a large back log and I’m always writing new books.  I hope you will join my family and enjoy the ride with me.


Jack Wyman

Jack Wyman has been involved in politics, pastoral ministry and non-profit organizations. He has served on the local school board, two terms as a state lawmaker, and has been a nominee for the U.S. Senate and a candidate for Governor of Maine. He is a former educator, political consultant and author. He has served as the pastor of four churches in Maine, Connecticut and Texas.

Above all else, Jack is a communicator who can move his listeners to action, entertain them and leave them with a clear understanding of their assignment.  As a writer of a very popular blog and numerous essays, he has cultivated a unique ability to process what he sees in the world and interpret it for his readers.  Everyone who hears Jack or interacts with him is uplifted by the experience.  You will love Jack too!

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