Daniel Southern’s confidence and positive attitude is contagious to everyone around him.  His story of overcoming personal adversity to become a Crusade Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) for almost 20 years, is remarkable. In The Message of Leadership, Dan shares some of the life-lessons that have led to his success as a respected leader, speaker, author and trainer. Possessing a true global resume, he has lived in such diverse places as Moscow, New York, Seoul and London. In 1983, 1986 & 2000 he was one of the lead organizers for the three historic international conferences held by the BGEA in Amsterdam and attended by leaders from most of the nations of the world.

One of his most prestigious accomplishments was overseeing the largest public meeting ever held by Billy Graham in North America on the Great Lawn of New York City’s Central Park. He has had the privilege of meeting and knowing many of today’s most famous celebrities, royalty, athletes, politicians, CEOs, visionaries, musicians and philanthropists. He is the CEO of the Daniel Southern Leadership Group, Daniel Southern Management Group and PROstrata Foundation, consulting firms he founded over the years. Dan’s passion is helping companies and organizations create winning strategies in business and life. His presentations are a unique mixture of analysis, humor, faith, straight talk and common sense that focus on how effective leadership ultimately results in profitability and excellence for any team.

For more than a dozen years following his career with Billy Graham, Dan was President of one of America’s oldest publishing houses – the American Tract Society. On more than one occasion he has addressed leaders at the Pentagon and all of the military service academies (West Point, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and Air Force) except the Naval Academy.

In April 2007 he was awarded the Russian International Peacemaker Star in Moscow, given to him in recognition of his international work toward promoting the Prince of Peace and unity among the many groups and leaders (church, government and business) he has worked with through the years. Other distinguished recipients were noted sculptor Gregory Pototsky and Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov who spent 12 minutes outside a Voskhod spacecraft in Russia’s first space walk.

Dan has written and published many articles on leadership training, organizing, promotion, negotiations, public speaking, mobilizing volunteers, team-building, fund-raising, writing, board leadership and motivation. His seminars and workshops are full of creative solutions that turn complex challenges into opportunities for positive change. Audiences enjoy his friendly presentation and find themselves better equipped and motivated by his practical ideas and examples.

Special First Edition Autographed by author Daniel Southern

Special First Edition

In The Message of Leadership he creates vision and mixes it with numerous insights to help leaders restructure their organizations; work productively with their Board of Directors; produce events; develop fundraising mechanisms; work successfully with the media; develop training materials and move them to a higher level of effectiveness.

At 6’6″ Dan has a strong personal presence and his speaking voice shines on radio and television. In addition to hosting his own radio talk show, he has been a guest and/or been interviewed by media around the world and recorded more then 1000 radio shorts. Dan’s insights and fresh perspective will speak to any audience and specifically address the concerns facing diverse industries. He offers hope and inspiration while helping leaders understand what drives change and how to thrive in the midst of it. Two of his best received messages are Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Succeed More by Winning Less.

In 2006 Dan partnered with actor Stephen Baldwin to launch a dynamic youth outreach called the AsSalt Tour which used extreme sports to impact street kids. Today he continues to serve as a friend and adviser to Stephen Baldwin because of his shared belief in the need to reach today’s youth with a positive life-changing message.

A native of the Mid-West, Dan graduated from Taylor University in Indiana where he earned a BA with majors in both Philosophy and Biblical Literature and has since done graduate work at both the Moody Bible Institute and Liberty University. The Southerns live near Dallas, Texas. He enjoys spending time with his family. And when he’s not traveling or speaking, Dan likes to relax by hunting, fishing and working in his yard or workshop.


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