Management Implementation

After many years of speaking, consulting, mentoring and organizing while serving within the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, I came to see the tremendous need among churches and other non-profits to apply the organizational and business principles which made BGEA such an outstanding success throughout the world. The high cost associated with quality consulting and the limitations of the average consulting firm to maintain such a wide array of expertise, led me to alternative approaches which we believe will better meet the needs of our clients in this current economic environment.

The idea of using professional consultants to improve efficiency has been a standard practice in the business world for a long time. Outside consultants allow businesses to broaden their effectiveness by engaging experts who bring a diverse body of knowledge and experience to the table, without employing them as permanent staff members. If consultants and personal coaches produce high-value changes in the business community, should we not seek this same efficiency within our churches and non-profit organizations?

The perceived high cost is often the preeminent objection as non-profits consider the use of professional consulting. When the budget is one of the main causes of concern; obtaining the services of a professional consultant would only seem to add to that problem. Even if committed to investing the necessary time and money into its relationship with the consultant, real frustrations can arise if there is a mismatch of personality or methodology … and the list goes on The good news is that we have developed solutions to handle these concerns which inevitably arise.

Many of the financial needs within the church could be met by simply getting a better handle on the costs associated with professional services already in the budget. For example; most churches have insurance plans that range from property and casualty to health and even life insurance policies. Our audit usually uncovers significant savings and can help obtain even better coverage. This service costs you nothing and at the very least will confirm that you are using the best products at the lowest price available… and this is just one example. This scenario can be repeated in many other areas of your operation and result in economies which, added together, will amaze you.

Additionally, we have created a web site for you which we constantly update. It allows you to: obtain consulting advice, coaching resources, access new ideas, solve problems and even obtain help from professional advisers. Our site can have a profound impact on your budget, the way you operate your organization, conduct research and get direction … right from your own desk when you need it. Please make use of this free tool and tell us what we can do to make it even applicable to your needs.

Daniel Southern