What is the AsSalt Movement?

AsSalt Brand Clothing is the reflection of a movement arising out of the need for young people everywhere to stand against the evils of this world threatening to bring down our culture. We will assault the darkness that threatens us and future generations. We will speak boldly about the need to AssaltLogo (2)stay away from drugs and alcohol and other lifestyle choices that can only harm us. We are not against having fun or seeking out radical new ways of doing things. We love life and cherish living it to the fullest every day. But bad choices like pre-marital sex, bullying and racism will not stand! We represent a new wave of young adults who are taking charge of our future.

Salt is a very ancient and powerful image which vividly portrays who we are and what we stand for.

Ancient Roman soldiers were paid with bags of salt because it was a rare and valuable substance which was highly sought after. We get the term “salary” and the phrase “worth his salt” from this historical fact. You will be “as salt.”

• Salt preserves. When integrated into other things salt has the power to keep them from spoiling. You will preserve what is good and right.

• Salt adds flavor. Only a little salt is needed to make even the blandest foods taste better. Your presence will add a good flavor to any situation.

• Salt gives life. The sodium in salt is an important ingredient in your blood and helps carry nutrients into your body’s cells. It also helps regulate your blood pressure and allows your nervous system to transmit messages. All of these functions mean that eating a small amount of sodium (salt) is essential for life. You will bring life to others.

• Salt is absorbent. As salt you will help absorb the harmful effects our culture is having on others. You must remain strong and focused to help those around you who are weaker.

• Salt protects. Salt kills harmful substances. Your body uses the chloride in salt to help digest food and kill harmful bacteria in your system. You will bring death to that which is harmful to others… and be a protective covering for them.

• There is no “U” in “AsSalt.” To be a soldier in our army you must be willing to sacrifice your personal prerogatives and rights to serve others who need you as an example. They will be made stronger by your example and leadership. When you wear AsSalt Brand Clothing you become part of the AsSalt Movement; part of the solution instead of perpetuating the problems of our world.

Join us and together we will make a difference in our world!

Andrew AsSALT Card EO1 (2) Here is an example of how you can directly affect those in your life.

Daniel Southern